What's the Cost of living abroad!

What's the Cost of living abroad!


This video is a little bit more serious. I decided to put some figures out there for people to see the difference between the cost of living in the United States and the cost of living in a couple of countries abroad. These are all estimates and averages because again, many factors play a role in whether you live in a city, in the country, whether you're going to be in a furnished apartment, whether you're going to be in an unfurnished apartment, etc. I wanted to show people as a whole, that the cost of living is cheaper abroad and also with the cost of living being cheaper that means you don't have to make as much money as you are presently making or feel you need to make living in the United States, where the cost of living is higher. So when considering moving abroad, one of the biggest things to look at is the cost of living, not whether you can make your salary or your salary you are presently making will be a fit because you may not even need to make half the salary you are making in the United States. Therefore, that means less work and less stress! Hope this video provides some insight to those interested in living abroad!

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