Change in life and business! Baking in France.

Change in life and business! Baking in France.

Hello to everyone!  This is my first ever blog and I decided to write this to update anyone who happens upon my website as to the changes in the business and also my life. The retail business has been closed since September 2022 due my major life change in moving to FRANCE!!!!

The business had been operating in Atlanta for 8 years opening in 2014. It was the first bakery specializing in alcohol infused products in Atlanta and the first bakery to sell infused baked goods at professional sports stadiums ever. It was a great learning experience, tough but fun, met many great people who became avid fans and some even friends. 

My thirst to improve and expand my baking skills landed me in a baking program in the South of France in the middle of the pandemic in 2021. That experience and living in southern France for 6 months was the deciding factor for my decision to permanently move to the French Riviera in France.

Coming back was a reverse cultural shock for me and I knew I had to return sooner than later. I closed Delights by Dawn and retired from practicing Law and moved in 2022.

Now in France I have a totally different lifestyle but of course baking will always be apart of it. As I figure out my business model here in France to introduce American desserts to the French culture, I am enjoying all France has to offer. Traveling, exploring new foods, making or recreating my recipes, learning the culture and language and meeting new friends are all the new things I am enjoying.

I know many people miss the products I offered and believe me I am also figuring a way that the most popular ones could become available again to those that loved them. 

As the website was once a place to purchase products, it will now become a Blog of my adventures in France. I am working on offering merchandise and other retail products. I thank everyone that supported my business and continue to support me on my new journey. 

Life is short and its time we start to live a little more and embark on new adventures in LIFE!

If you would like to see my journey you can follow my Instagram page @delightsbydawn for day to day content and my Youtube channel for more informational videos  soon to include cooking/baking segments.

Merci beaucoup et a bientôt!










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