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Get insights on making the move from someone who is actually living the dream. It doesn’t stop there, once you have moved it’s now time to figure out how to adjust. Tips, facts and topics that many expats experience once living abroad.

Travel is so much easier when you live abroad! The discovery of other countries, cultures, food, languages is so exciting. You will a get a look into my travels with do’s and don’t, recommendations and discovering places besides the popular tourists destinations. If you are looking to travel more then stay tuned!

As a pastry chef and baker, I am learning to make new cuisine and figuring out the American ingredients abroad. Let me take you on a learning journey cooking and baking abroad with delicious recipes that will broaden your taste palates!

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I walk the walk as well as talk the talk! I love the expat life and you will to! Follow me on my journey and learn the ins and outs! Follow your dreams and live life to the fullest

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About Me.

Lawyer, turned boozy baker, turned pastry chef, turned expat in the French Riviera! After living all my life in the United States, I decided to leave and live my life abroad after 50!! I followed my dreams to live abroad, bake abroad and travel the world. I’m here to inspire and motivate others to become world citizens by providing a real authentic insight to moving and living abroad through experiences, tips and discoveries!


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